5 Strategies to a Fulfilled Life

So what do you need to have a full life? Here you will find some tips you can look at carefully and can help you make the changes you need in your life. You might want to take notes.

Stop looking at your ass! ... Until now your ass is there, grows and shrinks depending on how much you eat, your heritage, and the general state of your health. In the future it will fall, and yet by then you will not see it and you will not even care. Instead, be grateful to have an ass look to at, and be thankful that it still works! Take your eyes off of yourself and enjoy what is around you; there is where we engage with life. Be serious and strive (put real effort) for the things that are important to you, whatever: work, studies, family, friends, etc. To be serious, I mean to begin to work consciously, paying attention and being present. Do not fool yourself by telling others that you are interested in something, nobody cares! Do it because it is important to you, and eventually it will be important to others. Be brave and go deep. The relationships you have need that you are involved, attentive, supportive and also sincerer; courtesy does not help in these cases. Treat others well, but also be sincere with them, you deserve to be vulnerable in front of those you really care about. Pay attention when you are in FLOW, those moments where we are so hooked that we forget the time or even our bodily needs. This is precisely the moment that leads us to ecstasy, there is no need for drugs here. Fall in love with others, many others, or just one, whatever, but open up to fall in love and experience it to the fullest. With all the formalities that come with it: joy, pain, disappointment, connection, etc. Now, love is a tricky emotion, it is not easy; It takes a lot of work and some level of commitment, so again, be serious when you fall in love. I hope these strategies help you in what you are looking for. It may be success or happiness or fulfillment; these strategies will help reach some of them, however I have a question for you, what are you looking for?

© 2017 by Ivonne Garrido, Personal Coach, ACC.