Connecting with Your Passion

This is a topic that comes very often to those who are not getting much out of their jobs or occupations they currently hold. This is also for those who feel they are in a wheel barrel with no stimulus or purpose. For them, the job has turned into getting a salary that barely meets their needs, and where there is no stimulus.

So, as a way to help, friends and close ones start noticing their situation and the following questions come up:

  • What is your passion?

  • What do you really love to do?

  • What is that thing that takes you to a different state of mind?

  • What do you want to do?

Well, the answers to these questions could be:

  • I don’t know

  • I don’t have a passion

  • I don’t care much about anything

  • I have no idea what I want

If this is the case, then this article could bring some lights into how to give a try to find your passion.

Stop thinking that your passion will give you money! That usually happens in the movies, in which the protagonist connects with someone who can see their potential and drive them into success. This could be true for few, but not for many.

If you think that your passion will give you money or visible results in the short term, then you are looking in the wrong direction. Passion is strong and barely controllable emotion, which takes us out of our asses and makes us feel energized, it has nothing to do with money or visible results.

Passion will not give you money!!!

Start paying attention to what are the actions that make you to feel good and eager to move. It could be cooking, cleaning, organizing, singing, etc. It could be anything, and it has to have the energizing factor. What is relevant here is to notice what makes you feel like invigorated, so you need to be connected and willing to do it and not judge it.

Try to do what makes you feel good! If you judge your passion, you will not try it.

These are some of the thoughts that might show up:

  • I am not good enough! – so what if you are not? If you don’t do it, you will never get good at it

  • I don’t know how! – then you learn, there is no way around.

  • I am embarrassed! – nothing to do here! It happens and then it goes away

  • It is not worth it! – why not? What do you want out of it?

Just try it and see what happens, again be present and pay attention

Be patient! The chances are that it will take time. We have trouble seen what we love, usually because it is transparent to us. Others see it, but we don’t; furthermore, we dismiss it as something normal that anybody can do.

Only few are able to connect to their passion and work on it as a job with visible results, most of the world works and gets pay for it, but there is not magical energy.

What is important here is the willingness to try, to be connected, to be present and to notice. Passion comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and serves the purpose of giving us a meaningful life. However, it doesn’t come in a bottle and you cannot purchase it; you can only look for it.

Hopefully, you will find it, and when you do, take care and cultivate it.

I wish you well in this quest!

© 2017 by Ivonne Garrido, Personal Coach, ACC.