My Voice

When I listen to my voice, it seems like it is another person talking.

I took a class where we had to audiotape what I said. I must confess that listening to me was a bizarre experience. On one hand, I feel embarrassment and I did not want to listen. On the other, I was curious, but I still did not want to know much.

When I hear my voice and what I say is like another person talking. I listen to me and it doesn’t sound like me, neither in what I say nor how I say it. After listening to me several times, I can stop the self-judgment (I sound like a girl, I repeated the same word, I forgot to say so and so, I should have said this, etc.), and then I accept that I am the one speaking.

At times, my voice sounds wise, interesting and well-supported voice. Others times, I sound silly, childish and like pure non-sense. Most often, my voice sounds like all the in-between alternatives.

However, I have learned that listening to me can be like listening to others, and that I do. Then I say:

I will do what I do with others: I will treat her with love, I will listen without judgment, and I will have full intention to hear what is behind that voice.

And that works for me! I accept that my voice is mine, neither wise nor silly, neither scholar nor ignorant. It is a voice that speaks and that allows her to be heard.

I invite you to listen to yourself with affection, without judgment, and with the awareness to hear beyond the voice. This will give way to your intuition, which is that body guide that talks to us without judgment and doesn’t let go until we take charge.

© 2017 by Ivonne Garrido, Personal Coach, ACC.