Maybe you’ve heard it (from others or yourself)

I feel like I’m not doing anything and I have to solve it soon. I have little time left /

I don’t have money / I cannot go on like this! I need to generate! … NOW!

These days I hear a lot of anxiety from my clients about the need to generate an income and the fears and concerns that they are not doing enough because of lack of a clear guide.

Here is when the monstrosity of misery, old age, loneliness and lack of control show up; by this I mean the total exile of a productive life.

Panic consumes our being and horrific thoughts bombard us like a hurricane, the body becomes restless from the inside out generating an uncomfortable paralysis. We begin to disconnect from the outside due to excess of internal connection. We become disabled by sleep deprivation and maybe a small stroke cause by sleep deprivation, evasion of reality, self-destructive thoughts and binge-watching Netflix.

What can you do?

1. Breathe: it is essential to renew the air in your system.

2. Drink water: one glass every time the monsters show.

3. Connect: get up from the couch and start walking. Eat well. Talk to people that contribute in your life and ask relevant questions.

4. Ask for help: find a professional or a trustworthy recommendation that can help you during this process.

5. Be grateful: focus on what you have and not what you don’t have.

6. Accept: there are things that will not happen, so play with what you have.

With this, is it solved?

Not necessarily, however these recommendations will place you at the starting point.

We do not live life to find a solution. Things will happen to us. Some things are shit and others fantastic. The vast majority of events fall in between these two. The only guarantee is that anything can happen. Remember that we can only do the best that we can.

After following these steps, you can begin to welcome gratitude and acceptance in your life. With gratitude and acceptance, there is possibility to start seeing your life with a new perspective. The you will be on the path to living your life fully again.

Life is simple but delicate and many times we make it fragile.

© 2017 by Ivonne Garrido, Personal Coach, ACC.