Our Treasures

During our lives we collect a series of treasures. Our treasures are objects that have marked some kind of milestone in our lives, and every time we see them they remind us of our achievements, our moments, our people, our culture, our ancestors, our history and much more.

They are objects that leave marks and move certain emotions in ourselves; they remind us of past connections that become present every time we see them. They carry our stories, our decisions, our ties, and for some they might even define who we are today.

We live lives full of objects, so much that our homes are packed with them. Sometimes we do not have room to exhibit our beloved treasures. They get mixed with other things, those practical objects that make our lives easier. So, we start to put them in the closet that is already full of other objects, and we begin to blend the feelings of the memories with the pragmatism of life.

Our treasures are significant and we can´t let them go. They are not practical, there is no place for them, but just the thought of letting them go seems detrimental to our identity

How do we treasure life and not feel that we let go of what we treasure?

To let go is not easy; to let the treasures go is to release hoping for nothing in return, and to keep them is to be without space to bring the new memories we will have in the future.

This question doesn´t have a single answer, it will depend on our outlook in life and in a certain way death. To let go for some is a sense of freedom and surrender, for others it is to feel that who they have been and what they have done doesn´t have a place in the future. And that hurts!

However you see it, I invite you to ask yourself an even harder question, what are you afraid of letting go?

© 2017 by Ivonne Garrido, Personal Coach, ACC.