The Message

One morning, Alicia woke up with her husband by her side and receives a message on her cell phone. She gets the devise that was on her night table and she reads the message silently:

I am on my way; I am so impatient to see you!

The soonest she read the message, her heart started racing, her face blushed and her body was restless. Without noticing what was happening to Alicia, her husband asked her: who was the message from? Without given it a second she responded: it was from the bank.

Immediately the thought: why did I say that?

At that moment, her husband got up and went to the bathroom without spotting the hormonal revolution that was going by his side. Alicia was all over the place with unidentified emotions that had her completely confused.

They had breakfast together and later he went out. She checked the message again to verify that she had it correctly. Then, unexpected interpretations appeared; now it was her body and her thoughts: why is he saying this to me? And at the same time she responded to herself: this is because we get along great and we have a wonderful time together. But, why is this happening to me? I don´t understand.

The experience had her completely altered without being able to put a finger on it. She thought that maybe the message was intended as she read it, maybe he wanted something else, and this would be the opportunity in which he was going to tell her. Then, she evaluated the situation and thought: this is silly, he is married and I haven´t seen any signals, but why do I feel like this?

She wanted to stop her train of thoughts, but she was unable to do it. She thought about the relationship with her husband: but we are doing great, I love him; I am not looking for an adventure, why do I feel like this?

She got in the shower; put music on without paying any attention to the melody that was playing. She was still in her head going around the different readings of the message she received.

While in the shower, images of him showed up and she began to imagine compromising situations. She thought: what is happening to me? Why do I feel like this?

She got out of the shower and decided to start reading an article that had left night before to read during the day. The article was entitled: Love. When we read the title she thought why I am reading this and started reading.

The article was about a dream. While dreaming the protagonist had an encounter with God and he said that many people loved her, furthermore, she deserved to be loved for who she was and the way she was. In the dream, God mentioned that we all deserve to be loved because love is available to all of us.

In the story the protagonist wakes up from her dream with a new awareness about love. For the first time in her life, she felt she had the right to be loved by all of those who wish to love her. The story followed a more spiritual path and that’s where Alicia stopped reading.

She breathed deeply holding the phrase we all deserve to be loved.

She read the message again to herself and thought: Yes! I can be loved, why not? Others can love me and I don´t have to have an interpretation of it, I do not need an explanation, we all can love others just because we can.

At that moment, Alicia felt a huge liberation. She went deeper into the love she was feeling and allowed someone else (in this case the man who had send the message) to have the desire to see her just because he wanted. She pushed herself to stop all interpretations of desire and allow that love to be in her life.

Love is like a virus. It can happen to anybody at any time.

Maya Angelou

© 2017 by Ivonne Garrido, Personal Coach, ACC.