Wealth and Prosperity

Today, I got hocked on Whatsapp chain – Wealth and Prosperity.

Photo by Rene Asmusen

I have 21 days of homework, and this is my second one; up until now everything has been done … Ha, ha, ha! I will see if I can keep up the commitment.

The homework for today was to write the names of family member (consanguineous only) who are successful, entrepreneurs and happy. I started to work on it and I really put attention to the details because later I wanted to analyze these subjects in my family.

The results were the following:

  • Creativity

  • Enthusiasm

  • Courage

  • Determination

  • Vision

  • Commitment

  • Coherence

Everyone in the list shared these characteristics. Each one of them had a diverse outlook to what goals are, and different measurements for success, entrepreneurship and happiness. On the other hand, enthusiasm, creativity and determination were similar among them.

In my list there were more women than men, more technicians than professionals, more people living in rural areas than the city.

I don’t like some of them, not all of them are alive, and not all of them are from this century, however all of them are part of my DNA.

There is a wide variety of focuses of interest, yet all of them have become flexible and have given room to personal and professional development.

None of them is rich; furthermore, at a certain time in their lives, all of them have had financial challenges. To get up and start again has been a task that has brought surprises and not necessarily success and happiness, but determination, courage, commitment and entrepreneurship.

They do not know they are in this list, they don’t imagine that for me they are successful, entrepreneurs and happy people, and they have no idea the way they have influenced life.

What I am say here it not true or false, it is just my assessment of what I see and hear. This list has made think of all the times I have defined success for myself and did not consider it just as an assessment.

Success is a personal assessment, there are no standard rules for it. There are as many ideas of success as people in the world. We are different and we see the world with different lenses, even the assessment of our lives by others will be different from our own.

So I invite you to make your own list of the people that you might think are successful. Further more, if what I am saying is true ... how do you define success for you?

© 2017 by Ivonne Garrido, Personal Coach, ACC.