Without Internet, We Do Not Exist!

Today in the bus, there were some older ladies (I will not commit to an age group, but let’s say they were older than I) talking about family, soup and neighbors. During the conversation, they run over each other without taking a breath, they interrupted each other continuously and alternated initiatives and the answers with no particular order. They did not listen to each other, however I overheard everything.

In one of the stories the subject of TV, Internet and cell phones showed up. They mentioned the offers that companies had for them, and they agreed they did not understand what the companies were offering however they concluded that: Without Internet, we do not exist!

After that conclusion there was a clear pause, almost uncomfortable, in which they turned their attention to the road and (I think) they allowed a deeper reflexion on the subject. Then the conversation turned to more stories, this time was the stew was the protagonist.

At that point I stopped paying attention to them, and started browsing on my own thoughts.

It came to my mind the people that live in my small town, many of them are the same as the ladies in the bus; they do not have Internet.

However, I see them and they exist; they walk with some assistance that makes the task less troubling, they wait for the bus to take them to run their errands, and they shop for what is need it that day; I see them and they exist.

Yet, it is true that for the Internet they do not exist, technology went on and they were left behind, therefore they can’t enjoy what the technology has to offer, at least not at its fullest.

This is discrimination in which knowledge, access and age are the main subjects … sad, but true!

When I stopped listening to my ride mates and started discourse in my head. I couldn’t stop thinking which will be the technology that will leave me out? Which will be the devices that I will look suspiciously for lack of knowledge? And which will be the company that will offer me the best value for money that I will not know how to use?

Questions started pupping into my head: what changes are coming? Which will be the changes that will me out?

I recognize they huge role that Internet and other technologies play in my life today, but this will change. In the near future there will other technologies, and if these ladies feel that because of Internet they do not exist, then will that happen to me? How will I exist without that new technology that is not here today? How will life look like for me?

Obviously I do not have an answer, or I know the technology I am talking about, but this subject is fascinating for me because it takes me to the big question, what will be the role of technology in my future?

© 2017 by Ivonne Garrido, Personal Coach, ACC.