Beyoncé in Netflix

For me, Netflix is not just for entertainment but also a source of ideas and inspiration. This time, I found Homecoming, a new documentary in which Beyoncé shows the best takes of her performance at the Coachello 2018 Music Festival.

It is a beautiful show, full of life, emotions, surprises, technology, and art. I don´t know much about her so moved just by my curiosity, I sat down to experience the surprise. Oh, it was! In my eyes, it was a surprising not because of the show, to which I don´t want to subtract merit. It is a magnificent performance, very professional with elements of diversity and inclusion. There is intention in every detail and all of these make this documentary worth seeing.

Up until that moment, I didn´t know much about Beyoncé, all I knew was that she is a bold artist with great popularity. But I will not talk about her in particular, I would like to tell what happened to me while watching the documentary.

Beyoncé is a woman full of energy, ideas and has a message for her worldwide audience. Her image is well taken care of, and it is clear that what she wants to show it is done with authenticity and coherency, starting with how she dresses and dances, up to her creative musical work.

I imagine branding and marketing do their part, but because I don´t know of her personal history and I have just seen some of her work, I want to refer to it.

While admiring her work in the documentary, the topics that show up for me are: women, authenticity, coherency, creativity, talent, audacity, courage and mothers.

Important subjects that deserve world´s attention.

These inspire me to think in other women that have found creative ways to do what moves them and also illuminate others.

I am not talking about the stereo type of women who are kind, soft and complacent, on the contrary, I am speaking about those who are rebellious (what Beyoncé seemed to me) that through their work and dedication have generated reflection that lead us to look at the status quo and definitely question it.

Women in the sciences who managed to enter a world that did not help their work as innovators and inventors. As the case of Margarita Salas, born in Asturias, Spain in 1938, who developed her scientific career in the midst of Franco´s dictatorship. Together with Severo Ochoa and a team of scientists, they determined the direction of the reading of the genetic information with enormous implications in the study of DNA. Margarita found a stage, an audience and presented her work there, for the world to see.

I couldn´t stop thinking of the millions of women who suffer the effects of wars, the destruction of their families and homes for whom their lives are transformed forcing them to endure the circumstances of rebuilding their communities. For these women there are not stages and even though there is worldwide audience, we as audience do very little to fix it. However, organizations like Women for Women International, founded by Zainab Salbi and others partners support the most marginalized women in countries affected by wars and conflicts and they have a become a stage for them.

Others like Malala Yousafsai advocacy for girl’s right to education in their homeland in northern Pakistan where the Taliban have prohibited girls from attending school. She has risked her life to defend their right and today she is at the centre of the stage with her message.

Those women who enter in the field of male power, where they face professional challenges but also where their authenticity as women is questioned. Like Marielle Franco, councillor and activist from Rio de Janeiro who dedicated her life to defend the most vulnerable and denounces the abuse of the police in the poorest neighbourhoods of the city. Her stage were the streets of Rio, marching and putting a face a reality that was hard for many. In her effort to make this message to be heard, she was killed.

Women for peace, spirituality and human rights are those who have mothers many around the world. Those who see the world with care for the future and the impact of the present. Like Wangari Maathai who has planted thousands of trees in her beloved Kenya to fight against deforestations and by doing so creating awareness of our impact in the planet.

I could go on naming thousands of other women who I leave behind, but because I want to go back to the documentary; let me talk again about Beyoncé.

Beyoncé uses the stage to send a message the way she knows and probably has master, and I believe we can all do the same.

To use the stage we have to tell our message to others, that message that makes sense to us, , the one that when we say it to someone else it resonates even more with our soul, that message that moves us to our core and the only way to keep going is to act on it.

Our message is important, we can share it with our worldwide audience, let´s participate in the world with what we know, with what we have and holding our message close to us, and also given it to others.

Either way, we all need courage to step up with what we want. Beyoncé does it with her art, you can do it with yours. You have the duty to do your thing to improve what you don´t like, an increase your contribution to others.

Turn on the music you need and find the rhythm that resonates with you, and please stand on the stage to do it.

© 2017 by Ivonne Garrido, Personal Coach, ACC.