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​I was born in  Chile, later moved to Alaska, then to Vietnam, and today I live Spain.


During these years, I studied statistics in Chile, Communications in Alaska, Ontological Coaching in Singapore, and advance courses of Coaching and NLP in Chile and Spain.

Change, adaptation, flexibility and creativity become part of my life as well as my offer as a Coach.


While working, I get to offer resources, a range of possibilities, open doors and sometimes a new beginning. 

When working, I am fully present and willing to be in flow with my client, so they can create, transform and innovate in what they envision for themselves.

Today, I work independently and collaborate as a volunteer with projects that are aligned with my core values and believes.


Workshops and My Clients

The workshops are meant to connect and open new possibilities to see what the participants haven't seen before. The aim is to bring new conversations in which we can explore another side of us, and may be trigger curiosity to explore more about ourselves.

My clients are usually foreigners living away from home. My clients are brave, incredible and creative individuals who stepped out of the box once or twice finding adventures, opportunities and wisdom in their path. With my work I accompany them in their transitions and questions so that the path they are choosing is the one they really want to undertake.



Licensed Practitioner Of Neuro-Linguistic Programing, Institut de Coaching I PNL Anna Flores, Barcelona, Spain.


Lego Serious Game Design Thinking, Barcelona University - IL3, Barcelona, Spain.


Coaching Advanced Program Body and Movement, Newfield Network, Santiago, Chile.



Speech Acts


From Possibilities to Action

Talking About the Future


My invented Country

How to Hold the Conversations I want

The Art of Giving and Receiving

Improving Communication with Your Children

Decision Making Process

Women In transition

Body and Well Being


Associated Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation, United State of America.


Newfield's Certified Coach, Newfield Network Asia Singapore, Singapore.


BLA Bachelor of Liberal Art, General Studies, University of Southeast Alaska, Juneau, Alaska, United State of America.







United States of America




Due to COVID 19, this initiative offers personal distance tutor  to  children in their literacy learning process.



In Spain, this organization helps women to reinvent their job offer and thus find work.




Latidos Magazine is a social project for the communication and promotion of Hispanic culture in New Zealand. 



WEDU Global is an organization that empowers leading young women in Asia and supports them to excel in their communities.



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