Ivonne Garrido

​I was born in  Chile, studied Statistics, become a  businesswomen, and a mother. Twelve years later, I moved to Alaska, got my degree in the USA, then move to Vietnam and become a Certified Coach in Singapore. Hence, change, adaptation, flexibility and creativity become part of my reinvention as well as part of my offer as a coach today.


To embrace fully the human experience means to embrace change, in my case different countries and a whole range of jobs plus the personal challenges. Creativity has become central to problem solving, and a source of energy and enthusiasm. Finally reinvention as a path, as an alternative, and as a choice. 

Change, creativity and reinvention are part of the magic that lives within us, we can all reach it, and we can all decide to go as far as we want with it ... all we need is to feel the need to do it!


Workshops and Individuals

The focus of my work as a coach has been to embrace our common humanity, by  designing and delivering workshops internationally to diverse audiences participants have experienced gratitude and intimacy with a deep sense of connection, or what  I like to call  ... the magic from within.  


I have also offered personal coaching and mentoring to clients of different cultural backgrounds and sometimes deep  experiences. Most of them looking for connection, meaning and many times purpose. It has been a humbling experience to provide a space of trust and confidentiality to many.


Today, I feel extremely empowered by witnessing their process of transformation to a more coherence path.

I enjoy my work and I am continuously learning and adding new experiences to my profession.



Licensed Practitioner Of Neuro-Linguistic Programing, Institut de Coaching I PNL Anna Flores, Barcelona, Spain.


Lego Serious Game Design Thinking, Barcelona University - IL3, Barcelona, Spain.


Coaching Advanced Program Body and Movement, Newfield Network, Santiago, Chile.



Speech Acts


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The Art of Giving and Receiving

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Decision Making Process

Women In transition

Body and Well Being


Associated Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation, United State of America.


Newfield's Certified Coach, Newfield Network Asia Singapore, Singapore.


BLA Bachelor of Liberal Art, General Studies, University of Southeast Alaska, Juneau, Alaska, United State of America.







United States of America



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