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Coaching and NLP

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a series of conversations aim to gain focus on your personal goals. The magic shows up when you become  willing to try to open new windows. It empowers you and gives you the strength and support to find new possibilities in life.

What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programing is a model that studies human behavior, centering in the understanding of the mental and emotional internal processes. It investigates how we communicate among ourselves and with others.

What can you expect?

You can expect focus to reach your goals, deep emotional connection, consistent language, confidence in your decision making process, improvement in the relationships you care about, and profound magic on being who you are.

How does it work?

Coaching and NLP are powerful tools that will allow you to act differently in relationship to your environment, creating new verbal and not verbal communication. Both support you in your process of transformation and coherence with the world you envision.

How much does it cost?

Individual agreement of 4 sessions of 90 min. at a cost of 90 euros each.

Who is the perfect client?



Strategic Design

What is Strategic Design?

This is a Coaching technique using Creative Writing, Design Thinking (Lego Serious Game) and Story Telling as a tools to articulate conflicts, visualize complexity, see connections, and deep questioning.

What can you expect?

You can expect a set of actions aligned with you and your business, ability to articulate different conflicts, sense of what is missing and what is need it, and variety of actions.

How does it work?

During our first session you will be using Creative Writing to express life and work outlooks, Lego Serious Game to recreate your current situation and Story Telling to design the desire outcomes. On the following sessions, a series of prototype actions will be implemented, tested, checked and modified. On our last session, you will be able to find the right path to you enterprise.

There is not need  to be a writer o fantastic story teller; think this as a game.

How much does it cost?

Individual agreement of 4 sessions of 45 min. each at a cost of 100 euros total.

Who is the perfect client?

This is highly recommended for entrepreneurs who are  facing challenges, need to make decision in accordance to their goals and believes, want to visualize their personal needs and the needs of their business


Mandala Workshops

What are Mandala Workshops?

These are two independent workshops, one center on Gratitude and the other on Intimacy. Both are meant to take the participants to a deep level of connection with the planet, with others and with themselves.

What are Mandalas?

Mandalas are a circular design symbolizing that life is never ending. Mandalas are used for meditation purposes allowing the individual to connect with a deep sense of being.

What can you expect?

Happiness, connection, depth and a beautiful experience.

How does it work?

You will be creating your personal mandala using flowers and colors accompany by music that will facilitate to go deeper into the experience.

How much does it cost?

A groups experience of two hours at a cost of  25 euros per participant - (10 minimum).

Who is the perfect client?

It is highly recommended for groups who share a purpose, a goal or an intention in which a profound connection will strengthen their relationship.

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