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Give yourself

the time and come to Barcelona

The Experience of Others


Cristina, Brazil

Today, I see myself as a an observer of myself. I have learned to be connected to what is relevant to me and the experience helped me to identify my feelings.

During our first encounter I physically felt the weight of my own fears; this experience allowed me  today to walk much lighter and appreciate my own instincts. Since then, I have been evaluating many aspects of my life.

Our work was profound and visceral!                                                                     

With Ivonne I discovered what is essential in life, I also learned that time is precious and limited, that whatever time we dedicate to our home, our state of mind, or our friends is time that was given to them and to me, and it will not come back.

During our work I felt connected, but I am not sure to what yet.


Jerónimo, Argentina

2018-09-10 14.49.43.jpg

After my work, I see my pains, my personal strength, my  lack of flexibility, and overall my possibilities. I feel that I have learned a lot about myself and my desire for dreaming, confront new challenges and to be happy have been always with me.

It was a wonderful experience and a profound encounter with me; an enriched process that has given me tools to move forward. A real opportunity to be grateful to start a new journey!

Ingrid, France

I felt very supported and contained during this process.  It gave me tools to be more focused in what I want  to face my challenges, and it helped me to see life with more acceptance and gratitude.


Paula, Argentina

Finding Paths

This program is focused on assisting you in  your decision making process and /or finding the alternatives that suit the life you have or wish to have.

For these we will work analyzing your decision making process, the emotions behind the alternatives you see, and finding what makes sense with the changes and  expectations you are looking for.

Coaching hours:  15


Focusing in what is Important

During our time together we will work examining your emotional, personal, occupational and/or spiritual needs.


Your work will take guide from your personal values, which are the ones that guide us in decisive times, from the practical and daily chores all the way up to the hard choices.


This work will help you see what is important to you, and you will take guide from it for your future projects.


Whatever results as redundant and necessary you will find a way to make it lighter or let go.

Coaching hours: 20

Taking Action

This time we will be centered on analyzing your future considering your history and your present situation.

Another important aspect will be to keep in mind the activities you have with others and for others, and the activities that give you satisfaction and those that take away energy from you.

This will be a moment to take the actions that fulfill and drive you and shape them into the impulse that will help you create the future you are looking for.

Coaching hours: 25 hours

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